My name is Aaron Sharp. My resume says that I am an IT professional, an experienced writer, and a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. What it doesn’t tell you is that it took me 7 years to get a 120 hour Master of Theology degree. The patriarch Jacob worked 7 years and got a wife. I spent 7 years at DTS and got a degree and a wife. Take that Jacob.

Speaking of my wife, I am married to Elaina, the cutest, smartest little woman in the world. She also has a Th.M. from DTS, although it only took her 6 years. At the end of our first date I asked Elaina out for another date, she said no. After that we worked on a chart of the book of Genesis together for Old Testament history class. By the end of the project we were dating. I like to think that we found love in Genesis, and a couple of years later we were married. I am just glad the chart was not on the book of Leviticus. No one finds love in Leviticus.

In 2011 Elaina and I were privileged to welcome our adorable son, the Zoologist, into the world. He came three weeks early, just as I was wrapping up the manuscript for my first book, and he's been helping his dad bust deadlines ever since.

In 2013 the Sharp clan again expanded and our daughter, the Ballerina, was born. She was a little less than three weeks early because she is busy like her brother, but not in quite as big of a hurry. The Ballerina's birth meant that I no longer busted deadlines, hitting them was no longer even feasible.

In 2015 the Demolitions Expert came along. She was not as early as the other two, but that has done nothing to dampen her role as the Sharp family resident "little boss." After the Demo Expert joined our family I figured I better get back to writing soon, while I still remembered how to form sentences.


In 2017 we welcomed the Jedi, into the Sharp family. Thus far the Jedi seems more than content to observe the three-ring -circus that is his home life. No doubt he is already making plans for how he can contribute.

We six Sharps live north of Dallas, Texas. 

I am the author of three books: I Didn't Sign Up for This published by Discovery House Publishers, and Everything the Bible Says about Parenting and Children and What Does God Say about That? published by Bethany House Publishers. Additionally, my writing has been published in the Odessa American and Dallas Morning News newspapers, as well as Learning Through History Magazine, Discipleship Journal, Leben Journal, In Touch Magazine, Marriage Partnership Magazine, and multiple issues of The Lookout. Magazine.

I am also the coauthor of the book, The Most Important Women of the Bible by Bethany House Publishers. My fellow author is smarter, better-looking, and an amzaing women. I should know, that is why I married her.


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