Congratulations to Amanda Eaton and her mom Diana!

After three days of voting the final results are in and our winning  entry is below.  We will be contacting Amanda to get her and her mom's books in the mail this week. Thanks to everyone for submitting their stories, and for their many votes!

The Camper

Submitted by Amanda Eaton about her mom Diana.

My mom and 250 words may not work but we’ll see. She is loud and funny and will talk to anyone she meets. She hasn’t always been the mom she is today. God changed her and shaped her a lot over the years and some of her tough exterior was chiseled away. It started when I was born. I was her second daughter. I only wanted her (and my thumb). I cried when she was gone so eventually she stopped working. I made her stay at parties with kids when she didn’t want to because I needed her there. She even camped with Girl Scouts for the same reason. She was there until I thought I didn’t need her but was waiting when I realized I still did and always would. She has heard the worst things about me and still loves me, because she knows me. She can tell when I’m pretending to be okay and especially when I’ve been forced to shop too long and need snacks. Her first granddaughter really softened up my mom. She got to do all the soft things that were harder as a young mom. We broke her in and prepared her and God did the rest. I always tell her that she is the perfect mom that we needed when we needed her. God has a way of making things work in his time, not ours. I know, because he did that with my mom. Mommy, Grandma, Diana, loved by God.

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