Seven Thoughts on Sherlock 4.1

January 2, 2017

The first episode of the BBC's Sherlock just premiered. This is pretty much the only thing I consider must-see-TV right now. I did everything short of threatening their lives and the well being of their lovies if my children came out of their bedrooms after 8 p.m. This had not effect. Fortunately for me they were tired.


This blog post contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched Sherlock Season 4, Episode 1 don’t read this.


Seriously, I am going to ruin everything for you.


Don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched.




Last chance. If you keep going it will be spoiled for you.


Ok, you have been warned, here he goes. Here are seven ponderings on Sherlock 4.1.


1.         Sherlock doesn’t know who Margaret Thatcher is. Of course he


doesn’t. If he doesn’t know that the earth moves around the sun why would he know who Margaret Thatcher is? I loved this part.



2.         Maybe it was the loss of the one ring to rule them all but Martin Freeman is looking old


3.         “Mary’s a goner.” I wrote that 20 minutes into the episode. I guess I saw that one coming.


4          I felt like this episode really captured what it felt like to be a parent of a newborn. I distinctly remember one morning while our colicky firstborn was up and hollering at 3 a.m. I rolled over and googled “postpartum depression in men,” just so I would know what the symptoms were. The statement, “She can’t both be the devil and the antichrist,” perfectly sums up certain parts of bringing a newborn home from the hospital. Wait, why are we pregnant again?


5.         The London Aquarium scene was fantastic. I kept waiting for a shark to eat our villain like Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea.




6.         Sherlock is in counseling, and a little bit humbled. It is a great turn to see him humanized. An entire episode of Sherlock in counseling would be worth watching.


7.         The other Holmes brother cometh? An appearance by Sherrinford Holmes has been speculated about before the series, and I expect we will see him soon in one form or another.


Bonus Thought:

Should somebody this important to the British government be running around by themselves fighting assassins in pools? This just seems like a bad idea. Holmes has always been able to take care of himself, but this doesn’t seem to be the way to perpetuate the existence of Her Majesty’s Government.

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