Sherlock 4.2 - Instant Reaction

January 9, 2017

This blog post contains spoilers. This is your official warning. If you continue to read and you have not watched the episode you will most likely be very angry. Choose wisely. 


Now on to Sherlock.



1.  If it wasn’t for Downton Abbey and Sherlock I wouldn’t know that Viking Cruises existed.


2.  Culverton Smith’s teeth may be his scariest feature. If I were a super wealthy bad guy I would pay for great teeth.


3.  “Stop talking. It makes me aware of your existence.” I might have to drop this line at work this week. Also, I am going to start drawing in the air with imaginary chalk in meetings.


4.  Only Mrs. Hudson would lead the police on a high-speed chase while listening to Ode to Joy. And nobody gets things done like Mrs. Hudson. NO-BODY.




5.  A cereal killer. How has no one thought of that before?


6.  I’ve never done drugs, but I’m pretty sure they make you feel like trying to keep up with most of this episode. I think some of the hallucinations had hallucinations. If the goal was to make the viewer feel like they were on Sherlock's bender with him then mission accomplished.


7.  Someone needs to calculate how much time Sherlock has spent in a hospital bed throughout this series.


8.  I don't know if the world is ready for Mycroft to be romantically involved.


9.  There was a lot of confessing in this episode. And there was someone accused of channeling Satan. I kept looking for a priest.


10.  What?!?!?! That is all I have to say about the ending. Man, have the set up the last episode well.

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