Sherlock 4.3 - The Final Problem - Instant Reaction

January 16, 2017

Tonight was the final installment of Sherlock's season four, and possible the last of the show, if rumors are to believed. Here are my stream of consciousness thoughts on the show as it happened. Ok, so by "as it happened" I mean a couple of hours later when I watched it recorded.


Suffice it to say another season of Sherlock being over makes me feel like this



1. Pictures bleeding from the eyes are really, really creepy. Now there is a clown. Hide the women and children.


2. I need an umbrella that transforms into a sword that transforms into a gun. My birthday is in a few months somebody make this happen.


3. I feel like Mrs. Hudson needs her own spin-off. Who do I need to talk to at BBC to make this happen?


4. Watson made the comment about Sherlock that he is a, “Middle child. Explains a lot.” I laughed at this harder than my middle-child wife probably appreciated.


5. The Holmes and Watson jumping out of the windows as Baker Street exploded behind them was pretty cheesy. I love this show, but that might have been its worst scene in four seasons. Having said that, the buildup with the proximity grenade was classic. Also, how did neither of them sustain any sort of injury jumping out of a second-story window? Shouldn't there at least be a twisted ankle or something?


6. “I know what happened to Redbeard.” said Sherlock which was immediately followed by a severe weather warning that lasted approximately 5 minutes. What happened to Redbeard!!!! I hate public television!!!!


7. Mycroft made the decision to let Euros talk to Moriarty five  years ago. The longer this show goes the less Mycroft comes across as a genius. Still a great character, but he reminds me of a couple of kids that I went to high school with that loved to combine aerosol hair spray and cigarette lighters. Maybe they got good grades, but clearly they weren't firing on all cylinders.


8. If Euros kills Molly Hooper I want to see her hanging from London Bridge by the end of the night. She and Mrs. Hudson should be invincible on this show. Phew, that was close.


9. After watching this episode I am glad to be an only child.


10. Watson gets pulled from a well – and here we go with another severe weather warning. I might be more concerned if the storm was even in my county. IT. IS. TWO. COUNTIES. AWAY. Sure wish I knew what Mycroft and his parent’s talked about for the first five minutes of this conversation.


So there you have it. I watched this episode. I enjoyed the episode. And probably tomorrow I will rewatch this episode on the PBS website so I can hear what happened during the 10 minutes I was being notified that there was a thunderstorm in Johnson county that could possibly produce a tornado.
 Maybe, I'll change my reactions once I get those missing pieces of the puzzle.








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