Donald Trump Isn't Hitler. Actually he's a lot more like....

February 16, 2017

It is quite popular these days to compare President Trump (typing President Trump still seems very weird) to Adolph Hitler. I believe there are a few reasons for this. First, Hitler is the one person this culture can agree on as bad. Hitler is the one person everyone seems able to believe is in hell. If you call someone Stalin everyone might not understand the criticism, and some on the left would take it as a compliment. Second, people don’t know history well enough to come up with a more accurate comparison. Calling someone Hitler is easy when you don't actually know much about Stalin, Mussolini, Nixon, Lincoln, etc. Third, as the size of the U.S. government grows and its reach extends into every part of life it won’t take much for anyone in leadership to draw legitimate Hitler comparisons because of the power they wield. Less government means less dictatorial leaders. 


So, is Trump Hitler Take Two? I don’t think so. I’m not suggesting he is now, or at any point in his presidency, will be a good president, but let’s try to find another historical figure with at least a few Trump parallels.


Let’s play a fun game. Read the description below and see if you can figure out which United States President is being described.

  • From New York

  • Significant criticisms dealing with immigrants and immigration. Refused to allow refugees fleeing persecution, torture, and death entrance into the country.

  • Incredible problems telling the truth. Described by one man who had extensive interactions with him as, “A man who would never tell the truth when a lie would serve him just as well.”

  • Some would say he got elected perpetrating a con on the American people.

  • No problem intimidating opponents. If it came to it he had no problem assassinating people’s character & trying to destroy them.

  • Had a press secretary who blatantly lied to the press and American people about significant issues with the President.

  • Political opponents lost their minds seeing his coziness with and approach to Russia.


I would suggest that Donald Trump is not Hitler. He is actually a lot more like Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I don’t consider it a complement, but I think it is a lot closer to reality than the worst villain in the history of the world.





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