A Baker's Dozen of Random Thoughts While We Wait on the Inevitable Manimal Remake

March 18, 2017

The difference between waterboarding, and giving an 18-month-old a bath, is negligible at best.


Who came up with idea for the colonoscopy? Can you imagine that conversation? A group of doctors sitting around a table, and one says, “Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we take a camera and shove it up someone’s…”  Even more awkward can you imagine being the first patient to undergo the procedure? The doctor says to the person in his office, “So we are going to take a camera and shove it up your…”


What if Sheriff Callie really is the best in the west?


Allegedly there is another Matrix movie in the works. Can we just go ahead and admit Hollywood is completely out of ideas now?


The continued existence of viable gasoline in the world of The Walking Dead is starting to really bother me.


The BBC interview guy is actually catching flack. This is why I for one will welcome life when robots take over.


Tax returns are to Democrats what birth certificates were to Republicans.


I wonder how my Irish ancestors would feel about me celebrating St Patrick's day with Mexican food and Dr Pepper.


American Caesar, William Manchester’s biography of General Douglas MacArthur is a dang fine piece of writing. If nothing else the first chapter should be required reading for American schoolchildren. Of course we don’t really want our kids to know history, or how to craft well-written prose, so that won’t happen.


Based on purely anecdotal evidence pregnant women have one question when watching TV, "When do they go to the bathroom?"


When a kid starts out an explanation with "Well, it's like this," you are in for pure parenting gold. 


"Early bedtime" is one of the greatest phrases in the English language.


Yes, it is March Madness time. No, no one really cares how your bracket is doing.

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