My Thoughts on the First Episode of S-Town

March 30, 2017


This week the creators of Serial launched a new podcast called S-Town.


I listened to the first episode, here are my thoughts.


  1. I was a little disappointed to find out what the “S” in S-Town stands for. Seems to lack a certain amount of creativity.

  2. Woodstock, Alabama just made my anti-bucket list of places never to go.

  3. I have no idea what happened is this murder, but I hope there is someone other than John to tell us about it.

  4. John reminds me of reading Buzz Bissinger in Friday Night Lights. There is a point in the book where you kind of wish he would get over his shock at the culture of West Texas, but it is so foreign to him he can’t. John is from Woodstock, but he just can't seem to understand, or maybe he just doesn’t want to, why people are so different.

  5. We met Jon's mom. She either needs dentures, or just hasn't put them in.

  6. Enough with the global warming already. For the love. This has nothing to do with his views on global warming, but out of 100 times I would trust John exactly zero.

  7. I don't like disparaging anybody without evidence, and I especially don't like to infer that someone is racist without a smoking gun, but the K Three Lumberyard? Come on man. I don’t care if the three brothers all have names that start with a “K,” that isn’t a terribly subtle sign of people whose ethical compass points the wrong way.

  8. I am going to listen to episode 2 and I have no idea what is going on. Episode 1 reminded me of an old David Lettermen Show bit called, “Is This Anything.” I still don’t know if this is anything or not.



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