Poll Time!

May 19, 2017

On June 28th I will begin a new adventure in my writing career - humor columnist for the Odessa American newspaper. For the most part the column will revolve around my life, and the adventures of the lovely Mrs. Sharp and I as we raise three (soon to be four) small humans. A lot of the columns will come from blog posts that appear here at aaronesharp.com.


This Sunday an article will appear in the newspaper about the book that Elaina and I have coming out in October, and then the column will kick off in a little over a month.


Here is where you, my dear friends and readers, come in. I need a title for the column. Thankfully l have some creative friends because I stink at naming things. The prospective names have been narrowed down to three finalists. Sorry guys, Sharpnado didn't make the cut. Below are the three finalists for you to give your opinion as to the best name for my column. Below the poll are answers to some questions you might be asking.


Happy Voting!



Did the Odessa American's editor, Laura Dennis, give you this column in response to some blackmail you had on her from back in the mid 90s?



What will you do for column ideas if your kids stop being funny?

You've never met my children, have you?


What did the six-year-old Zoologist say when you told him you were going to have a newspaper column?

He said, "Good. Can I have a snack?"


What did the four-year-old Ballerina say when you told her?

She said, "Good. Can I play on the iPad?"


What did the twenty-one-month-old Demolitions Expert say when you told her?

She yelled something that resembled, "Newspaper!" She then shoved two grapes into her mouth and ran away before I could stop her.


What does your wife think about having a columnist as a husband?

I think she approves, but as it turns out, "You know I'm a columnist now," isn't a very effective pick up line for a woman who is nine months pregnant.


Do you reserve the right to name the column something other than the winner of the poll?



Are you sure Sharpnado is not a possibility?




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