Dads Review the Cartoons: Tumble Leaf

June 1, 2017

If you are a dad of small humans there are a lot of ways that your life is different from before you had kids. One of those ways is your television viewing habits. Gone are cop shows, medical procedurals, and anything resembling reality TV. Now, in their place are talking dogs driving cars, the island of Sodor where anthropomorphic trains live, cat sheriffs, and something called a vegimal. 


Often the only way to get through the shows that your kids absolutely love is to spend the time that they are on your TV dissecting them. Sadly, as a father I can confirm that I have spent too much time taking apart the plots, and way too much of my mental well-being has paid the price for the inevitable theme song that gets stuck in my head. So, what happens when two dads decide to have a conversation about a kid's show? Follow along with me and my good friend Dave Atkins, as we find out.


About the Dads

Dave and I have a lot in common. We became friends over a decade ago while we were attending Dallas Seminary, we both married out of our leagues, and thanks to the great delight of fatherhood we both spend an inordinate amount of time watching cartoons with our kids. Dave is the guy who I trusted to hide in the bushes and take pictures of the moment that I proposed to my wife.


About the Show

For our first cartoon review we chose the show Tumble Leaf. Dave and

his crew are big Tumble Leaf fans, and this was the Sharp clans first exposure. For a summary of the show let’s go to Wikipedia:


Tumble Leaf is an Emmy-winning Amazon Studios original series that premiered in 2014. It is a stop motion animated series for preschool-aged children and is based on the short film Miro. Created by animator Drew Hodges (Saturday Night Live, Community) and stop-motion studio Bix Pix Entertainment, Tumble Leaf features an anthropomorphic blue fox named Fig and his caterpillar friend Stick (both voiced by child actor Christopher Downs), along with other residents of the island of Tumble Leaf, helping preschoolers learn basic science lessons through playful examples. Additional regular characters include Maple (Brooke Wolloff), Rutabaga (Jodi Downs), Hedge (Landon Clay), Pine (Addie Zintel), and Ginkgo (Gary Littman). Each episode consists of two 11-minute stories with Fig learning the mechanics of various items discovered in a special room on board the abandoned shipwreck where he resides.


Follow along as Dave and riff on blue foxes, shipwrecks, and all things Tumble Leaf.








































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