A Parent's Prayer

October 12, 2017

Dear Heavenly Father,


We are sorry that we were not able to spend our usual time with you this morning, but as you know, the children you gave us had other plans.


We got up early, and were eager to start our morning with you, but as I mentioned, the kids you gave us had other plans.


Just as we were about to sit down with our Bibles the sound of the two-year-old Demolitions Expert hollering her lungs out greeted our ears. The wife went to check on her, and discovered a child who had taken off her pants, and was in the process of ripping off her diaper. The mess, thankfully of the #1 variety, meant that the child, and her sheets, needed to be cleaned. Unfortunately, the Demo Expert needs to observe a rather drawn-out process before she wakes up, and this morning’s diaper incident robbed her of the chance to slowly prepare herself to greet the world. Without her process this adorable little girl was inconsolable. The ensuing screaming, crying, and melting down meant that the six-year-old Zoologist and the four-year-old Ballerina were now wide awake and out of their room investigating the commotion. The only saving grace was that miraculously (thanks by the way) the four-month-old Jedi didn’t wake up.


All that to say that despite our best laid plans our morning prayer and Bible reading time was consumed with the crocodile tears of children. We had hoped to begin the day in the Word and on our knees, but the small humans you gave us had other plans.


Hopefully we will be back to our regularly scheduled time with you early tomorrow. Unless our offspring have other plans.



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