Watching Better Late Than Never with Millennials

March 28, 2018

Update: An earlier version of this blog post mistakenly suggested that my wife did not know who ABBA was. This was a grave error, and was the result of a late-night typo. 


​My wife (who desperately needs her own blog nickname) and I have recently started watching the TV show Better Late Than Never. It is an absolutely hilarious show starting William Shatner, Henry Winkler, George Foreman, Terry Bradshaw, and comedian Jeff Dyer. If Dyer seems out of place it is because he is, but that is sort of the point. They took four guys well past their most famous work and put them with a young comedian.

Together they travel the world having adventures. Perhaps it is because time seems to be flying by these days, or perhaps they just chose the four perfect old dudes for me, but I love this show. These four guys are so tightly woven into my childhood that just watching this show feels almost like a reunion of sorts. It is funny how attached we get to celebrities, especially as we get older. After watching the first two seasons of this show I might be legitimately depressed with William Shatner dies.


The wife (again, she really needs her own moniker) and I have watched a few episodes and there is just something about these guys enjoying their twilight years together that really resonates with me. This week we had an added bonus because we were joined by the Millennial Nanny. Two days a week all four little Sharps go to work with my wife, and two days a week while the others are in preschool and first grade the nine-month-old Jedi goes with her. The Millennial Nanny, a student at a local seminary, started helping out those four days a week with the kids back in August, and she has quickly grown to have her own place in our family.


Last night the three of us watched Season 2, Episode 2 of Better Late Than Never where they go to Sweden. A few minutes into the episode I realized, however, that there was something fascinating about watching this show with the Millennial Nanny because this show exposes a clear generational divide. Technically the lovely Mrs. Sharp is a Millennial according to the most recent classifications, but she refuses to acknowledge this. She claims, “I self-identify as Generation X,” which is one of the most millennial things I have ever heard of in my entire life. Anyway, the woman that I am related to by marriage and I were born four years apart so there is a lot more shared experience, at least as far as pop-culture is concerned, than there is with someone in their twenties.


Here are some of the highlights of the Millennial Nanny’s thoughts while watching four entertainment icons traipse around Europe.


“There was an episode of Friends where someone was obsessed with the Fonz, I didn’t know who they were talking about.”

This was in response to asking who Henry Winkler was, and being told that he was Fonzi on Happy Days. Don’t’ get me started with the whole Friends phenomenon. I’ll start sounding like Lloyd Bentsen lecturing Dan Quayle. 


“I know him [Shatner] from Miss Congeniality.”

We are talking about Captain James Tiberias Kirk here, and a whole generation knows him from Miss Congeniality. I got nothing man. On a side note William Shatner is a national treasure. Every time someone interviews him it is interesting.

“Hey, he [Winkler] was in water boy.”

Yes, yes he was. Strangely, The Waterboy is what IMDB lists beside his name as if that is what he is most known for. Et Tu IMDB? Winkler has now turned into a sappy old man, and he seems like the kind of guy your kids would adopt as an extra grandparent. Probably not what you were expecting out of the Fonz.


“The George Foreman grill is in rap songs.”

            She’s not wrong.


“He [Bradshaw] was the Dad in a chick flick.”

Surprisingly, I was the one that knew that the movie was Failure to Launch. I don’t know what that says about me, but I don’t think it is anything positive. 


“So, you’re saying he [Foreman] did boxing?”

I’ll cut the millennials some slack on this because boxing hasn’t been relevant for a long time. Having said that, I have to say that George Foreman just seems like one of those people that you would love to share a meal with. I feel like you break bread with George, you laugh, you cry, and you call it a night.     



BeeGees, who are they?



"I’ve never see the Andy Griffith Show."

I know for a fact that the Millennial Nanny does not speak for all millennials on this one, but I have to think she is in the majority. So, so sad. No wonder our country's going to pot.


 Then this conversation happened between the Wife and the Millennial Nanny:


Nanny:            What group is this?

Wife:               ABBA

Nanny:               Who’s that?


 I just can’t even with this generation.


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