Sharp Family Christmas Vacation by the Numbers

January 1, 2019

The day after Christmas the Sharp Six loaded up in our minivan and headed out for a first for our family - a family Christmas vacation. We left the day after Christmas and spent 5 nights in San Antonio. I wrote a column for the Odessa American this last week about our first meal on the road, and I could get at least one more blog out of just the trip down.


Here is an overview of the trip by the numbers.


 629 – Times the Fashionista said, “I still hungry,” after getting over a stomach bug and eating everything in sight.


402 – Approximate numbers of dollars it costs to feed a family of 6 one meal on the San Antonio Riverwalk. Seriously, the riverwalk is a quaint little tourist trap.

 325 – Number of times the Ballerina asked what we were doing next.


45 – Feet the eighteen-month-old Jedi can launch his sippy cup when he is angry.


8 – Number of zebras our van was surrounded by at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.


6 – Number of people who stayed in a hotel room together for 5 nights without killing one another.


5 – Minutes we had been gone before the Fashionista first asked, “Is this San Antonio?”


3 - Trips to Bucees. It's a Texas thing.


2 – Visits to Magnolia Market in Waco.


2 – Times the Zoologist asked to eat at the bar to watch the game. We are having some long talks about life right now.


2 – Stops by Common Grounds coffee shop in Waco.


1 – Barbecue restaurants on the Texas Monthly Top 50 list where the Sharp Six ate. Seriously, Kreuz Market was amazing. If you go, go on Sunday before church lets out or you'll be in line for a long, long time.


1 – Times Common Grounds was actually open.


0 – Strangers met by the Sharp kids.

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